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Adamant is a team-based single-player action-adventure game. It takes place in a jungle that was once a home of an ancient civilization. Today the jungle hides mystical ruins, ancient artifacts, orc raiding parties, and other dangers. Your main character, Adamant is an artificial being, constructed to defend its creators. 

  • Team-based: you have companions fighting by your side. During the game, you can switch seamlessly between them gaining full control over that character. 

The game is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, the Eberron Campaign Settings, and our adventures with our tabletop RPG party.

We start a developer blog here, in itchio, where we intend to share our progress regularly. 

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Im here! Will continue to look for more info and a demo maybe...? lol

Hey! Welcome! I'm glad you are here. :) More info will come eventually, and once in the hopefully-not-very-far future a demo too. :D

Hi Are you okay? I've seen your channel is gone. :( :(