#2 - Prototyping the first level

Hello again! 

Second week with lots of happening. We made a prototype level to test out our ideas and to make sure our tools are suitable for this game. I attached a video about the current state of the game. 

The main character will be a warforged, a living construct. My most loved d&d character was Notary, a warforged artificer/juggernaut. I really enjoyed playing with him. Originally he had poor combat skills, but later he became the best combatant in the party. He achieved this by using magical weapons and items developed and created by himself.

I want to recreate this feeling in this game. It's not easy to put these into a game that aims for 1 hour of gameplay. I don't want to risk these features becoming meaningless. As a first step, we defined three weapons: a longsword, an expandable shield, and a repeater hand crossbow that shoots energy bolts.

We blocked out a level with simple geometry.  As you can see in the video, climbing will be an important part of the game. We are inspired by many games, one of them is the Tomb Raider series. Climbing is fun and suits well the main character jack of all trades aspect.

That's it for this week. Let us know what you think about this prototype in the comments below! :)

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