#3 - Welcome to the Jungle!

Hi! This is the third week of development! 

We continued to prototype the level we planned in Milanote during the first week. Shortly we got stuck, not knowing how to continue to guide the player through the level. White boxes are not much help after certain points to give new ideas. After we confirm that the existing prototype looks fun to play with, we started to work on the details.

The more detailed environment outlined some issues very well. Mostly with the combat system. Longsword and expanding shield might look like a great idea, but in practice, it wasn't convenient and smooth enough. I implemented a brawling AI like you can find in Batman Arkham. Well sort of, but the combat becomes more enjoyable.

By the end of the week, the level got along quite nicely. Adding rocks and plants gave us more ideas and inspiration to continue.
Btw: The necromancy reference in the cinematic is not intended ("they are dead, but not for long")... :D

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