A downloadable asset pack

Poly Desert Freebies

A little sample that includes low-poly style desert environment models. Use them as you like :) I'm curious in what projects they end up.


FBX - 4 plants and 8 rocks meshes with Material colors only.

OBJ - 4 plants (candelabre and barrel cactus, aloe) and 8 rocks. All of them use a single Material slot and one color texture atlas.

Textures: 128x128 color texture atlas in PNG format.

Unity package - contains 1 Scene (lineup and desert canyon) and prefabs. Mobile friendly version uses the OBJs with single material.



Install instructions

Unzip folder as usual.


PolyDesertFree_v 1.1_by_RunemarkStudio.zip 1 MB

Development log


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Do you plan to release png of each elements with different views for 2D games ? front and isometric ?

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That's a great idea! I do have to do some research on how to create sprites from 3D models though.

Thank you Jimmy!

really nice pack