The future of Poly Desert Free- request time!

Hi everyone,

I would like to express my thanks to you all, who downloaded this little 3D pack! The stats in my dashboard are showing that there is a growing interest for these kinds of 3D models, so I'd like to start a little conversation about the future of the Poly Desert.

1) Is the overall quality suitable for your needs? What projects do you want to use them?

2) Are there any simple 3D model you would like to see as an upgrade for this pack?

3) Would you be interested in a 2D isometric version of this pack?

Please share your answers and thoughts in the comments below!

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upgrades = tumbleweed, oasis, desert fox, camels, scorpion, lizard, snake, sand dunes, vultures. Low poly is excellent. Would prefer objects and sub objects, each sub object to be a single colour

Hi George, thanks for the reply! I would gladly add some of those. What do you mean by sub-objects? Like, a cactus with one main trunk and 1-2 side trunks ? 


Everything that is to be a different colour should be a separate subobject so that it can be flat shaded.

I am a retired games programmer and have knocked up   a desert demo game. I import your graphics into blender. To export to godot It is much easier for me when the objects have sub parts such as the spikes so that they can be single colour flat shaded (white) while the main body can be flat shaded green. Trees for example would be 3 parts - trunk brown, leaves green, fruit red for example.

I use Blender too! I could send you the source files if that helps.

Yes please.

I uploaded it, check out on the main page or the devlog section. I hope you can use it well :) and I'm also curious about your game, do you have a demo or project site I could follow?