Experimenting with 2D views

Thanks to kaiirin, who asked in the comments if I plan to make 2D sprites from the 3D objects.
To be honest I never really got into 2D (yet!) so this will be a good opportunity to learn something new! 

I got excited and did a quick search on how to render out transparent, isometric PNGs. Found a few tutorials, and it seems like it's not that complicated as I thought. The only trick I encountered so far is to keep an eye on Camera rotation angles. I set my Camera to X - 60, Y - 0, Z - 45 rotation angles. Then adjusted my models rotation to look acceptable in that angle. I set up environment light and turned anti-aliasing up for smooth edges. Then hit F12!

You can see the results below, both isometric and front view:

To be honest I'm not sure if these are usable at all. If anyone could help me test them out in a 2D environment, and give feedback I will consider to make all the rocks and plants from this package into sprites. If that turn out great, I might even do all the Poly packs into sprites :)

Thanks for checking out this devlog, and if you have any suggestions on this topic (3D to 2D sprites best practices, resolution, format, etc.) please share with me!


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Apr 15, 2019

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