Damsel in Distress (and bug cleaning)

In the last few weeks, I continued tinkering on the game in my free time. You gave me very useful feedback, and I started to fix the reported bugs as well. I'd like to thank especially for vytautasldk and Bob Isme for detailed and helpful comments.

Meanwhile, Dotti created a couple of tutorial levels and finished the Princess rescue level!


  • Public release in Google Play too!
  • The level complete window shows the level number.
  • Changing volumes in the options now have an indicator sound.
  • Main menu visual updates (checkbox tick icon, credits displayed better)
  • Advertisements are muted, no more shouting into your face :D


  • Level 2: win and lose condition won't happen simultaneously.
  • Level 10: Hero no longer can move through the closed door.
  • Few other smaller issues get fixed too.

New content:

3 Tutorial levels (basic slider, rotating tool, switch)

Level 21 - A Damsel in Distress waiting for his Hero!

See you soon! 

Adam & Dotti


LootIt 1.2.apk 33 MB
May 18, 2020

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