Releasing the game with 20 levels!

February wasn't too productive in terms of Loot It. I couldn't work for almost two weeks because of unfortunate events. In the remaining part of the month, I tried to get back on track. However, the game improved a lot in March.

New Levels (total of 20)

Originally I planned four puzzles on a single level. This would result in a smooth flow of gameplay. I like the idea to make the levels continuous, almost story-like. However, this structure gave us more problems than good, so we switched back to one level - one puzzle setup. To maintain a smooth flow, I rewrote the loading system.

In the meantime, Dotti created 12 new levels. Currently, we have 20 playable levels. Based on our tests, it took at least 30 minutes to complete all the levels. We designed many new mechanics too, some of these:

Moving Platform
Auto Slider
Auto slider

Other improvements

Other than replacing the level structure, I added a few core feature to the game: 

  • Saving the progress: from now on, the game will save which level did you completed.
  • Settings: I implemented a settings menu, where you can change the volume of the music and sound effects. 
  • Analytics: I added an analytics solution to collect device and gameplay data from you. This helps us make the game more enjoyable for you. In the settings, you can control it at any time.

Testing and Testing again

Once you think everything is working, you start the second most frightening part of the game development: The Testing. Then you figure out how wrong you were.

We spent two entire days to test the game and fixing the bugs and problems we found. I'm really grateful for my parents to help us in playtesting. They spent almost an hour the play through the entire game while we watched them play.

With the current 20 levels, we think the game is ready for release. We'll continue to update with new puzzles and mechanisms. For this, we need resources and gameplay data. 

  • Google Play: The game will be free to download on the android store. This version will contain advertisement and later In-App Purchase too. 
  • Itchio: This version will cost $2, and it'll be completely ad-free.
  • Patreon: We made this option for all of those awesome people who want to support us on a monthly bases (which we really need right now). Here you can get access not just for the ad-free game, but other stuff too.

The release will happen in this order:

  • Patreon early release (this week)
  • Patreon and Itchio release (next week) 
  • Google Play (near future...)

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