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Thank you for playing!

Why can't I hide my cursor? It becomes unplayable...

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think is good

thanks for sharing!

This looks great! Congrats!

Thank you very much!

Nice work :)

Thank you Dupat!

Got stuck multiple times in rocks. I do like the concept so.. I'll wait for updates. :) 

Thanks! We encountered that problem before, it is a quite complex issue. Where did you got stuck? Were there any enemies involved?

There were several areas, I think it was because of trying to 'blink' to the edge of a rock, and the character kinda fell a bit and was stuck next to the edge, in the air. No enemies involved, with enemies I only got them to either kill me or attack me and not do any damage. :)


Yeah, poor fellow is oversized and sometimes you can easily sneak under their noses. I once get caught by them at the top of the ruined fence, where I thought will be a safe spot I add your feedback to my ever-growing bugfix list. Thanks!