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We created this game as an assignment for Unity + USC Games Unlocked course from February to April 2019.  Our main goal was to create  our first original 3D game, to test and expand our skills and knowledge of Unity, understand 3D game development better, and sharpen our project management skills. 

The two of us (one programmer and one artist)  managed to create this version in about 8 weeks from scratch.

Gameplay is about 5-10 mins. Prepare for bugs.


  • Shadow Connection: your appearance changes when you aren't directly illuminated by light. In this Shadow form, you are able to see special objects, and use the Shadow Jump ability while sneaking.
  • Stealth stance (crouching) and Normal stance (standing) are automatically toggled.
  • Shadow Jump: on activation, you teleport to a marked destination.
  • Enemies can spot you from a distance and chase. Also able to lose you if they can't spot you for a while.


WASD - Movement

Space - Shadow Jump / Jump

E - Interact

Esc - Pause Menu

F1 - Help

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shadowdancer_v1.0.1.zip 84 MB

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP and run Shadowdancer.exe

Development log


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Thank you for playing!

Why can't I hide my cursor? It becomes unplayable...

Show post...

think is good

thanks for sharing!

This looks great! Congrats!

Thank you very much!

Nice work :)

Thank you Dupat!

Got stuck multiple times in rocks. I do like the concept so.. I'll wait for updates. :) 

Thanks! We encountered that problem before, it is a quite complex issue. Where did you got stuck? Were there any enemies involved?

There were several areas, I think it was because of trying to 'blink' to the edge of a rock, and the character kinda fell a bit and was stuck next to the edge, in the air. No enemies involved, with enemies I only got them to either kill me or attack me and not do any damage. :)


Yeah, poor fellow is oversized and sometimes you can easily sneak under their noses. I once get caught by them at the top of the ruined fence, where I thought will be a safe spot I add your feedback to my ever-growing bugfix list. Thanks!